Natural healing methods

These days a lot of people apply antibiotics and other harmful substances to get rid of flue or an ordinary cold. However, some people turn to healing methods that were popular among our grandmas and granddads. They believed that natural medicine will help them to stay fit and healthy and in many cases, they were successful in this matter. This article will provide some essential information about a place where you may get some natural products that will help you live better and overcome nasty diseases, such as flue.

natural healing

1. What can you buy there?

2. The most common products at

3. How to purchase products at izielnik online store?

What can you buy there?

Sklep zielarski offers a huge range of various products that will help you keep fit, stay healthy and live longer. There are some examples of products that are available at your fingertips: herbs, diet supplements, natural cosmetics, environmental friendly washing products, drinks, such as: tea, coffee and yerba mate. Moreover, there are also products dedicated to sports amateurs to build muscles, essential oils and a lot more. The shop also has a lot of products in discounted priced on seasonal sales. As you can see the shop’s offer is very rich and you may purchase a lot of product for every family member, including small children and elderly people.

The most common products at

People visit the online store to find various natural products. However, one of the most common ones is diet supplements that are selected by people of various age and needs. They are made to improve your health condition and help your body to gain all important minerals and vitamins. There are available diet supplements for men, women as well as for children. There are also some products dedicated to sports people as well as elderly people.

How to purchase products at izielnik online store?

It is very easy to do shopping at izielnik online store. You select the right product and click ‘to the basket’ button and then you can purchase the product. You can pay for your shopping online, by credit/debit card, by traditional bank transfer. Furthermore, you may also choose parcel labelled cash on delivery. The cost of delivery is various.

If you live in Poland, you may get the parcel for free when you order products for 250PLN (about 60 Euros) or you have to pay 9,99PLN (about 2,5 Euros). However, if you live abroad, the cost of deliver is between 80PLN (about 20 Euros) and 120PLN (about 30 Euros).

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