The Most Effective Means of Protecting Your Body from Cell Phone EMF Radiation

cell phone rediation

We all have cell phones nowadays – who doesn’t? Even young children and older individuals have their own cell phones, which do come in handy in our hectic and demanding lives. But whilst cell phones have their use and purpose, exposure to the EMF radiation produced by cell phones can cause serious harm to our health. So how can you make sure that you are adequately protected from cell phone radiation, even whilst still keeping this useful gadget? Here’s how.

Place it on airplane mode – or better yet, turn it off!

You should make it a rule to only turn on your cell phone if you are outside the home or if you are traveling. Place your cell phone on airplane or standby mode whenever you can, especially if you are not planning to use it for a certain period of time. Better yet, turn it off if you are not expecting any calls, SMS, or emails. There’s another benefit to this as well: if your cell phone is on airplane mode or turned off, the battery can be saved, making your cell phone more efficient.

Carry it away from you

If you have to carry your cell phone with you, try not to keep it right next to your skin. The problem is that most of us – men and women – tend to keep our cell phones in our front pockets, which can result in damage to some sensitive organs due to the radiation it emits. Whenever possible, carry your cell phone in your purse (if you are a woman) or in a knapsack, bag, or case (if you are a man).

Don’t place it next to your head

When using your cell phone in a call, put it on speaker mode. Avoid placing your cell phone right next to your head. But apart from this, avoid placing your cell phone next to you whilst you sleep at night. Again, this is something that many of us are wont to do – placing our cell phones on our bedside tables at night. Even whilst it’s not being used, your cell phone still emits radiation, and you are particularly vulnerable to this when you are sleeping. Whilst we’re on the subject, here’s another thing to consider: your WiFi router. Try not to place it in your bedroom and remove other electronic appliances from your bedroom as well. Create a space conducive for relaxing – a space where you can be free from the harmful effects of radiation.

Use EMF protection products

Fortunately, there are also certain products which you can make use of in order to protect yourself from cell phone radiation. Cell phone radiation protection products are available from many different sources, and you can benefit from products such as jewellery, cell phone chips, and more.

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