How Laser Treatment Carries More Injury Risks Today – and What You can Do for a Claim

laser hair removal

Without a doubt, laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic beauty procedures today. It’s not surprising, because if done right and in the proper manner, it can result in the often long-term (or even permanent) removal of unsightly or unwanted hair on the body. Laser hair removal treatment is not only popular with women nowadays – it is also a procedure that is becoming more popular with men, especially those who have excessive body hair.

But although the procedure can have amazing results, it carries with it a plethora of risks as well. These risks range from minor and severe burns to permanent scarring, skin discolouration, and more. Unfortunately, the risk is even greater today because the laser hair removal treatment industry is not properly regulated.

How laser hair removal treatment works

The procedure of laser hair removal treatment, as the name implies, makes use of laser technology. The equipment uses ‘light energy’, which is absorbed by the hair’s melanin or dark pigment so the hair follicle becomes damaged. Since the hair follicle or root is damaged, the likelihood of hair growing back is greatly reduced and all but eliminated. Most laser hair removal treatment procedures are done for specific areas of the body which include the legs, the face, the bikini area, the arms, and the underarms. In some cases, treatment is also performed on the back, the chest, the shoulders, and the abdomen.

Why is there greater risk today?

The sad fact, though, is that there are more risks in laser hair removal treatment today than ever before. This is because in 2010, the government of the UK decided to de-regulate the procedure and the use of laser equipment. Laser technicians and beauticians are no longer required to undergo extensive training in the use of laser equipment, which basically means that accidents and injuries are more likely to occur. For instance, not many technicians or beauticians have the proper knowledge regarding what setting to use for laser treatment. They don’t know that the setting or level will depend on the person’s skin colour (lighter or darker, for example), the hair colour, the skin’s thickness, and even the area where the hair will be removed.

Normally, laser hair removal treatment produces great results. But since the industry is not properly regulated, more and more so-called technicians and beauticians are performing the procedure, which results in a greater amount of injuries such as burns and scarring.

What to do if it happens to you

If you have become a victim of the negligence, lack of skill or knowledge, or improper use of equipment of a beautician or technician and have had an injury (such as laser burns or laser hair removal scars) as a result, you should speak with a reputable solicitor today.

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