Best Dressed at Any Age

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A look at the shelves of any drugstore and you can see that people are obsessed with maintaining a youthful appearance. There are no shortages of potions and creams designed to take away the signs of aging. Very few of these do anything at all.  If you are one that would like to roll back time you can make yourself look years younger instantly, just by changing your clothes.

Wearing clothes that are wrong for you can make you look old. If you are in your 30’s or 40’s, you shouldn’t be trying to dress like a teenager. It would just point out to everyone that you are no spring chicken. Dressing in an age appropriate and elegant manner will make you look like a fine example of aging well or someone that looks years younger than their chronological age.

Don’t hide your body with baggy clothes.  If you are carrying a little extra weight, don’t try to completely hide it with baggy clothing. Baggy clothes make one look sloppy and unkempt. They can make you look trashy. Don’t wear clothes that are so tight that they show every unfortunate bulge, but fit clothes to your body-type. If you are too skinny, wear clothing that accentuates your curves and shows off nice features of your body, like wide shoulders or a long neck.

Save the jersey for game day. Athletic clothing has its time and place. For most social or business situations it is inappropriate, if you want to look good. Wearing a football jersey to the office, for example, is just a small step above wearing your pajamas to work.

Dress for success. Dress to look handsome. For men, it all starts with a well-fitting dress shirt. Get your measurements properly done so you can get shirts that fit you. This used to be cost prohibitive for many people, but these days you can get a nice looking dress shirt custom made and delivered for as little as $30.

Buy some stylish slim-line shoes, like those at Allen Edmonds. They will give you a sleek and modern look. Whenever possible use a slim cut and tailored look.

Be the best version of you. Get in shape. Most clothing will look better on a 25 year old than a 50 year old. So just don’t let yourself have a 50 year old body. Everything you will wear will look great on a healthier sized you. Do what it takes to look your best and everything you wear will look better on you.

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