Some of the Possible Procedures to Remove Your Wrinkles

Remove Your Wrinkles

As we age, our skin starts to sag, show signs of aging, and of the fact that we have been exposed to the sun a bit too much. Neither men nor women are immune to this, and they all develop wrinkles, fine lines, and more. With environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays, and genes, it is simply inescapable. However, while there is little that can be done about the skin losing its elasticity and finding it harder to absorb nutrients, there are things that can be done to reverse this to some degree.

You may be looking for wrinkle removal in Newport Beach, CA yourself, therefore, and there are plenty of options out there for you. In fact, regardless of what caused the wrinkles, there are solutions out there. These include chemical peels, skin creams injections, laser treatment, surgery, and more.


There are different types of injections that can help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Usually, these injections contain silicone, fat graft materials, collagen, or Botox. With fat grafts, fatty tissue from one part of your body is removed and injected into the skin instead. This is a complex and lengthy procedure, however, which is why silicone injections are much more popular. A specialist will inject them in the deeper layers of the skin, cause the skin to relax and reduce wrinkles. TheĀ  most popular injection, however, is Botox, with over 4 million people having had this treatment to date.

Skin Creams

Skin creams are hugely popular as well. Generally speaking, these contain hydroxy acids and/or retinoids. These have been scientifically demonstrated to regenerate skin cells, but the level at which they are available in over the counter beauty products is questionable. However, because most creams also contain vitamins A and C, they will certainly leave your skin smoother and healthier if nothing else.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are very strong and must be applied by a dermatologist. A couple of days after having chemicals applied to the skin, the top layer starts to flake off. Depending on the strength of the chemical, several layers of skin can actually be removed. This reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and can even remove superficial wrinkles.

Laser Removal

Laser removal is also a good method and one that is becoming increasingly popular. With laser treatment, the collagen and elastin in the skin is made to contract through the application of heat, which tightens the skin up.


Last but not least, there is surgery. The face lift is perhaps the best known type of cosmetic surgery, although it is not often performed anymore. It is a very drastic procedure and one that has the potential to lead to significant complications. Additionally, many people feel that their skin is left to look almost unnatural following the procedure.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available to you. However, you should also make sure that you look after your skin properly, so that you can get the best results if you do decide to have a procedure completed.

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