What Is Cogmed? Do You Have Them?

When we are doing certain tasks we need to be able to store information in our brains and then manipulate it in order to carry out certain tasks. Our working memory develops as we are growing up and this enables us to become independent and to function properly with the society around us.

People with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can sometimes struggle with their working memory. This can have a negative impact on their ability to perform certain everyday tasks, which can have a hugely negative impact on their lives.

In pre-school children, this working memory is used for learning the alphabet and focusing on short-term tasks. Difficult with this can be an indicator that a child is suffering from ADHD. In toddlers, this memory is used for reading and comprehension, plus for interacting with peers. If a child is struggling with these tasks then they may have ADHD. For older children and teenagers, this memory is used for planning ahead, solving problems and doing tasks independently. Again, it should be noted that difficulties with these tasks can be an indicator of ADHD.

Cogmed working memory training with Learning Discoveries is designed to improve this aspect of an ADHD sufferer’s mind. This is a computer-based programme that tests and challenges people in a variety of different ways. Read on in order to find out more.

Working Memory Improvement

The programme is set out in a series of cognitive exercises that will test a person’s cognitive memory. The programme can be slightly adjusted for each patient in order to suit the level of that person. This is designed to test everyone from a severely impaired youngster to an adult with mild symptoms of ADHD.

Difficulty Level

It is important that the programme can adjust to the ability of the person who is using the cogmed working memory software. That is why the programme is able to independently adjust its difficulty setting depending on the performance of the user. If someone is struggling to complete the tasks properly, then the programme will switch to an easier setting. In contrast, if the user is able to complete tasks quickly and accurately, then the programme will switch to a more difficult setting in order to provide a greater challenge.

Personal Support

People are not left to their own devices when they use the cogmed programme because they may become confused by the process. When people are unsure of what they are doing, then they may not perform to the best of their ability. Support is provided by a fully-trained coach who can help the user with any problems that they are having and can guide them through the entire process, without necessarily making it too easy.

People taking the test will feel relaxed because they have this level of qualified support. People who are relaxed and confident will give themselves a greater chance of performing well.

Working Memory Improvement

As people improve their working memory through the use of this programme, these skills will transfer to all areas of their lives.

Hopefully, this guide has explained cogmed properly.

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