Don’t take your Skin for Granted

skin care

Hard working outdoor men often find that their skin pays a heavy price. The dryness, windburn, chapping and sun exposure can age the skin quickly and without regular attention the damage may be irreparable. For men with facial hair the burning and itching dryness can be even further aggravated and the skin beneath the hair can become red, inflamed and flakey. This condition can be very embarrassing and no one wants to have burning and itching skin even if appearance isn’t a top priority. Self care is often a difficult topic for men, as they often would rather take care of others before themselves and don’t see this type of self maintenance as necessary. Some men even consider mens skin care as frivolous and girly. This idea really couldn’t be further from the truth.

The skin is the body’s larges detoxification organ and it serves very important work in keeping dangerous toxins out of the body, and assisting in removing toxins from the body through the processes of sweating.  As with all other parts of the body you are going to function best when your skin is free from harmful bacteria, toxins, and damage. Though the outer layers are shedding and regenerating constantly the proteins and collagen it takes to keep skin healthy is very costly to the body. The immune responses that are triggered by damage might reduce your ability to handle other problems and your body is using valuable resources to attempt to heal this abused and neglected organ.

Mens skin care is an important consideration even if it is simply to a minimal degree. Using a high quality razor and shaving cream can help to eliminate extra irritation and the use of a daily sunscreen and moisturizer is a necessity under these conditions. Try using a product rich with naturally occurring plant oils, butters, and essential oil fragrances. Many of these ingredients have very specific properties that can help lessen the damage of prolonged sun exposure and the extreme drying of the wind. You don’t have to use girly smelling lotions to achieve soft and healthy skin; in fact many of the natural fragrances are musky, earthy, or even spicy. Combining fragrances can result in a very manly and effective blend. Natural products can also be easily found that are completely fragrance free or only have the subtlest trace of coconut or honey in them due to the natural ingredients.

Mens skin care has come a long way since the day of slathering utter cream all over dry and cracked hands and face skin. Though these products are still found in the medicine cabinets of men everywhere. Whether you decide to make something up yourself, or peruse the abundance of wonderful products available at your local store, and even online you truly should consider taking care of your skin each and every day. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in the skin they are in.

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