Lunar melanoma? Manual

Lunar melanoma Manual

Lunar spot, freckle or melanoma? Early diagnosis is vital for treatment. Learn how to easily spot the danger signs. There they go!

Although there are endless ways of spots, freckles and moles, melanomas emerging common characteristics stored in activating our alarm.

But … what is a melanoma?

The tumors melanin (melanin) or pigmented, which cause most deaths from skin cancer, highly invasive due to its ability to generate so called metastasis.

About 160,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed each year around the world and is more common in men and whites living in regions with sunny climates.

How to detect?

We’ve created a simple and easy to remember that, to detect these signals, acudas your dermatologist as soon as possible ABCD.

Here the most important and recognizable:

A symmetry moles and freckles tend to be circular or oval, rarely asymmetrical. Does yours does? Haztela look.

Border: notice a distinct and irregular profile, unlike common moles and freckles.

C Odor color differences also in the same spot are indicators of an irregularity in melanin.

Diametro: you must control every stain or pigmentation change in size or have a diameter equal to or greater than 6 mm.


Although there is a genetic component, prevention is the best protection against solar aggression ALL skin types, especially the most clear and delicate and all in coastal areas.

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