Beauty Secret : facial hygiene

Beauty Secret

As simple as that! Wash your face every night allows the skin to regenerate naturally and therefore recover. But … how? Have you used soaps, cleansers, milks, tonics? HELP! Keep reading!

Take it from us! We spent the days providing hydration, nutrition and toning the skin and, often, we do not breathe.

Worse, the external agents attack and the skin is hopeless. A secret? A good facial hygiene!

Clean the skin every day, especially at night, stripped of obstacles for natural regeneration, which occurs during sleep.

Here’s a handy guide on how to clean and, most importantly, how:

SOAPS: we tend to believe that the greater the cleaning detergency higher. ERROR! Soap surfactants, those agents who manage waste removing skin, removing the dilapidated its natural protection: the fat. Therefore, if you opt for this method, always specific and mild soaps. Why not fail? Check with your pharmacy.

Cleansing milk: they are soft and perfect for mature skin and / or dry alternative. You’ll love our Cleansing Milk with natural ingredients such as horse chestnut, fig, flax, cotton and vitamins. And no parabens!

That’s right: all milk leaves a protective film on the skin that may hinder regeneration. Complete with a good tonic and … voila!

TONICS: very popular for leaving skin smooth, are uncomfortable in extremely dry or sensitive skin. In that case, rehydrated with a good serum or cream before bed.

CAREFUL WITH ALCOHOL! Resected and in oily skin, produce a rebound effect. You’ll love our Facial Tonic with natural ingredients complementary Milk and paraben.

WIPES: perfect multipurpose, especially in emergency situations where you do not have your hand cleaning kit or need extra cleaning during the day.

But beware! No substitute for comprehensive cleaning of the skin, and dragging the dirt and do not fully eliminate the particles. For an extra treat, try ours of Uva, Oats, Aloe Vera and Rosehip. You will love!

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