Your health as your nails

Your health

Did you know that your nails will send signals to your inner health? If you learn to read, avoid many problems and you can wear them always perfect, with or without your favorite polish. Keep reading!

Scaly, if your nails are shed easily, probably your body does not absorb the minerals you eat well and need. Its cause may be as simple as not chew well; if anything, it indicates an excess of acid in your stomach and digest what you eat well.

Dry cuticles: it sounds obvious, it is a poor hydration, an excess of hygiene or detergents. The solution? Applied daily your Hand Cream insisting nails and cuticles (fail now has gift!). A trick? Applies whenever you remember your lip balm ia. Magical!

White spots: many people related to a lack tracing. Error! The key? If there is pain, you may be dealing with a small outbreak of fungi; Ask your pharmacist.

If not, it may be a small trauma due to a stroke or similar. It should disappear with increasing finger (although it may take up to 8 months).

Breaks: usually related to a weakened state, either due to external causes such as excessive hygiene, or internal, such as lack of protein or poor diet. If the problem persists, you know … check it with your doctor!

Yellowish hue: this involved several reasons. If you smoke, chances are that’s the reason. If the paint continuously, also happen because the enamel.

Set aside some time to rest and the problem will disappear. Another cause is again possible fungi. In this case, consult your pharmacist.

Dark spots: can range from benign moles for signs of melanoma. Consult your dermatologist immediately.

Separation: If your nails are removed from the skin may be a sign of injury, infection, reaction to medication, thyroid disorder or psoriasis. And if there is no infection, they are now more likely to suffer from them. Generally they returned to adhere themselves within months. If it does, you know: consultation.

Hardness: If your nails are strong and do not break easily … Congratulations! You are healthy. Something you’re doing great, keep it up!

And you? Have you noticed any of these signs?

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